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Life Jewel Gift Certificates

The holidays approacheth!  Want to give a friend or loved one something absolutely unique? Perpetua […]

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Life Jewel Pendants

  Perpetua offers two styles of pendants to hold the DNA of a beloved companion. […]

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Life Jewel Bracelets

 The Life Jewel Bracelets keep your loved one’s essence with you every day. With our popular New […]

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Life Jewel Cross

    Perpetua combines the eternal symbol of Christian faith with a shimmering Helix, in […]

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Life Jewel Necklaces

These choker-style necklaces are the most intimate way to wear a Life Jewel.  The DNA […]

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Duet Life Jewels™

The Duet process nestles two DNA strands together on one Helix to create a memento […]

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Engraved Heart Charm

Engraved Logo Charm Add an extra loving touch to your Life Jewel™. Our elegant Tiffany-style […]

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Life Jewel Special Orders

Perpetua now offers some special items only by mail order. Our beautiful heart pendants and […]

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