Life Jewel Pendants


Perpetua offers two styles of pendants to hold the DNA of a beloved companion.


Classic Life Jewel

AmethystClassicRopeJade14KtClassicThe simple elegance of our Classic Life Jewel™ is perfect for both formal and informal settings. The glass vial holds the DNA Helix suspended in crystal clear resin.   Available in sterling silver or 14 Kt gold, the Classic is approx. 1-½ inches tall. The sterling silver Classic includes a sterling silver 18 inch Rolo link chain, the 14kt gold with a gold-filled cable chain.

Memory Keeper Life Jewel

KeeperTurqKeeperEmeraldPerpetua has  handcrafted a sterling silver sleeve for the DNA vial that protects its precious cargo while allowing  a clear view of the DNA Helix. Available with an extended end cap (shown at left, approx. 1-½ inches tall) or with a flat disc end (shown at right, approx. 1-1/4 inches tall). Both Memory Keepers includes a sterling silver 18 inch Rolo link chain.


Two Easy Ways to Order Life Jewels


#1. Order and pay online.

Use the menu below to securely place your order by PayPal. On receiving your order we will automatically mail you a DNA Collection Cheek Swab(s) and a sample submission form showing you have prepaid.

Design choices
DNA color choices

#2. Order by Mail

You may already have a sample (ex. blood sample from your veterinarian, hair or fur) or would rather not wait for Perpetua to mail a kit. You can also collect a cheek swab using a new toothbrush or several cotton-tipped swabs.  Please see the DNA Collection page for instructions on collection, packaging, and shipment.  Click here to download an Order Form, print it and mail it  along with the sample and payment by personal check or credit card info. Be assured that, for your financial protection,  Perpetua does not store credit card information in a digital format.