Life Jewel Cross



jadecrosswebPerpetua combines the eternal symbol of Christian faith with a shimmering Helix, in the color of your choice, handcrafted from the unique DNA of a beloved companion.

citrinecrosswebDNA is the essence of our biological memory and scientists of faith call it God’s language of the natural world. The Cross is a beautiful way to show your faith in life everlasting and the love you will always treasure. Engraved with a simple tribute, the Life Jewel Cross  is available with an adjustable leather cord or 24 in. chain and is 2 inches tall.  Available in all Life Jewel colors and especially lovely in our gentle pastels. The Cross is made from tarnish-free, brightly silver-colored metal and contains nickel.

Two Easy Ways to Order Life Jewels


#1. Order and pay online.

Use the menu below to securely place your order by PayPal. On receiving your order we will automatically mail you a DNA Collection Cheek Swab(s) and a sample submission form showing you have prepaid.

Setting choices
Classic Life Jewel DNA color choices

#2. Order by Mail

You may already have a sample such as hair or would rather not wait for Perpetua to mail a kit. You can also collect a cheek swab using a new toothbrush or several cotton-tipped swabs.  Please see the DNA Collection page for instructions on collection, packaging, and shipment.  Click here to download an Order Form, print it and mail it  along with the sample and payment by personal check or credit card info. Be assured that, for your financial protection,  Perpetua does not store credit card information in a digital format.