Engraved Heart Charm


Engraved Logo Charm

Add an extra loving touch to your Life Jewel™. Our elegant Tiffany-style engraved Logo charm personalizes your Life Jewel even more. Our logo is on one side, and you can request up to any seven letters engraved on the other; your local jeweler can provide more detailed engraving if desired. Available in sterling silver or gold plate.

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Charm Selection
Script font up to 5 letters
Block font up to 7 letters

 If you have ordered a Life Jewel design in addition to the charm  we will automatically mail you a DNA Collection Kit.

If  you already have your sample (see the DNA Collection page for sample types), click here to download an Order Form, and mail it to us along with the sample and payment by personal check or credit card info. Be assured that, for your financial protection,  Perpetua does not store credit card information in a digital format.