Duet Life Jewels™

The Duet process nestles two DNA strands together on one Helix to create a memento of a special bond. All Life Jewel designs  can be created as Duets. Each DNA is purified separately, enhanced with its own color, and placed on the same helix. The DNAs can either be next to each other with some blending in between (we call this style “side-by-side”) or intertwined. For the intertwined style we recommend that one of the DNA samples be enhanced with citrine, silver, or pearl.  The Duet option requires an additional DNA purification and special handling.

Color suggestions shown at right – from top to bottom: 1. emerald and citrine intertwined, 2. citrine and turquoise side-by-side, 3. turquoise and citrine intertwined, 4. jade and turquoise side-by-side, 5. pearl and jade intertwined, 6. silver and lapis intertwined, 7. silver and amethyst side-by-side, 8. silver and amethyst intertwined, 9. citrine and pearl intertwined, 10. rose and citrine side-by-side, 11. ruby and citrine intertwined, 12. pearl and ruby side-by-side. Please note that some colors work together better than others; use the examples at right to choose colors that will be attractive. Avoid combining dark colors together. Also – 23kt gold is not recommended for Duets as it has a heavier texture that doesn’t combine with other colors. Consider ordering citrine instead.

You can order a Duet Life Jewel online as follows:

The Duet is an “add-on” enhancement for all Life Jewels except the Pairs package (two Duets are included with the Pair) and must be ordered together with a Life Jewel item. Choose the Life Jewel item and your first color by clicking one of the choices below. Place the item order in your shopping cart, then click on continue shopping. Return to this page by clicking on Duet Enhancement in the right margin of each jewelry item page.

Life Jewel Pendants

Life Jewel Choker-style Necklaces

Life Jewel Bracelets

Life Jewel PhotoLockets

Life Jewel Rings

After choosing the item, use the menu below to order the Duet Option and the second color. Place the Duet Option in your shopping cart.

Life Jewel Enhancement
Select a second Life Jewel Color

The sample information form (mailed along with two cheekswabs with online orders) or available here to download provides a space to note your color choices and whether you prefer the side-by-side or intertwined style.

Alternatively You Can Order by Mail

You may already have samples (ex. blood sample from your veterinarian, hair or fur). You can also collect cheekswabs using a new toothbrush or several cotton-tipped swabs.  Please see the DNA Collection page for instructions on collection, packaging, and shipment.  Click here to download an Order Form, print it and indicate your choice of design, DNA colors for each sample, and whether the DNAs should be side-by-side or intertwined. Mail it  along with the samples and payment by personal check or credit card info. Be assured that, for your financial protection,  Perpetua does not store credit card information in a digital format.