The Life Jewel™ Story

Dr. Joy HalversonSince childhood, Dr. Joy Halverson has  felt a deep bond with animals and the wonders of the natural world.

She earned her DVM and MPVM Veterinary Science degrees at the University of California Davis, and eventually devoted herself to advanced DNA research.

Combining her interest in science and love for animals led her to become an animal DNA scientist. She has achieved several “firsts” in her field, and is the Founder of Zoogen DNA Services, the first laboratory to offer DNA products and services for companion animals.

Inspiration for the original Life JewelWhen Dr. Halverson lost her very dear and devoted dog companion Dustin in 2004, she experimented with ideas to memorialize his DNA. After years of development she invented a method for creating a visible, aesthetically pleasing double helix strand from the actual DNA, preserving it in a glass vial and set in durable acrylic. Life Jewel is the most unique personalized keepsake jewelry available today, the perfect memento of the special bond between all those we love – both people and our animal companions.

Life Jewel StoryWorking with jewelers, the Life Jewel pendant was born. Once friends and colleagues began asking for their own, she realized there was a market for her Life Jewels, and launched the Perpetua custom jewelry line.

Delighted with all the heart-felt appreciation customers have expressed to her over the years, Dr. Halverson continues to enhance her designs. Read Testimonials

Inside the Lab: the science behind Life JewelsTM

DNA, a substance found in all living things, carries the unique genetic information that, in part, makes us what we are.