About Us

Zoogen DNA ServicesWith its line of  Life Jewels™, Perpetua offers extraordinarily beautiful and meaningful mementos as a celebration of true love. Perpetua (formerly Zoogen Services) has been an innovator in DNA research and testing since 1990, founded by internationally recognized DNA scientist Joy Halverson. First in the US with a DNA-based gender test for birds, Zoogen innovations include the DNA testing service for pedigree dogs used by the American Kennel Club and other prominent dog registries.

Dr. Halverson created the first Life Jewel when her beloved dog passed away. Her pendant provided her some comfort for his loss; her career-long fascination with DNA gave her the sense that our lives continue in nature. Dustin’s Life Jewel was an affirmation of his special life, not a relic of his death. She thought others would find similar comfort in having Life Jewels of their forever pets and their human loved ones as well.

Dr. Halverson’s career in DNA testing includes the first use of dog DNA evidence in a criminal proceeding, a double homicide in Seattle. Learn more about Dr. Halverson’s animal DNA forensic cases here.